Thắc mắc tính khả thi của Odin !!!!
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Chủ đề: Thắc mắc tính khả thi của Odin !!!!

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    Thắc mắc tính khả thi của Odin !!!!

    Không biết có bạn nào là fan cua Call of Duty Ghosts không ? Chả là mình quan tâm đến cái về tinh Odin trong game ,không biết nếu thực tế thì có khả năng tạo được 1 về tinh như thế không hay cái về tinh trong 007ie Another Day ấy , nếu không thì tại sao ?

    The station is armed with a battery of sophisticated kinetic projecticle launchers that can launch tungsten rods with pinpoint precision anywhere around the world. The tungsten rods were 6.1 by 0.3m and had the equivalent of a small tactical nuclear warhead, but without the fear of nuclear fallout, reaching speeds at about Mach 10 and reaching its target in minutes. The weapons platform is constantly manned by crews rotating every three months to avoid muscle atrophy, skeletal deterioration, and to maintain combat readiness should ODIN ever be needed.
    On July 10th, 2017, as the crew was completing a systems test of the weapons platform, the Daedalus shuttle arrived to rotate the crews back to Earth. As Specialists Kyra Mosley and Baker return to the station, a squad of Federation soldiers emerge from the shuttle and kill the crew. The Federation took control of the station and began targeting American cities and firing the tungsten rods. The first payload targets Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Houston, and Miami with an estimated 27 million casualties. NASA scuttles the ODIN Space Station and activates the station's self-destruct system. This aborted the launch of ODIN's third and fourth payloads, presumably saving dozens of cities. However, the second payload of rods had already targeted San Francisco, Denver, Kansas City, Chicago, and Washington D.C. and were preparing to launch. Accepting their fate, Mosley and Baker destablize its orbit as it falls back to Earth, sacrificing themselves in the process as they burn up re-entering the atmosphere.

    The resulting impacts from the rods devastated several regions across the United States, notably Southern California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Southern Nevada, Louisiana, and Florida. The resulting wasteland of craters and destroyed cities along the southern United States became collectively known as "No Man's Land". The ODIN Strikes became the immediate catalyst for the Federation War as they invaded the United States. By 2027, when the Federation War had come to a stalemate, the Federation salvaged the surviving components of the ODIN Space Station from No Man's Land. Later, the Federation built a new orbital kinetic bombardment weapon platform, called LOKI, based on salvaged components of the ODIN Space Station.
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    Bạn muốn trao đổi hay thảo luận thì nên cung cấp thông tin chi tiết hơn để cho cả những người không biết về odin vẫn có thể tham gia thảo luận.

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